Our Process

An Insight into the Creative Process that Shapes Every Video

01 Brainstorming

The foundation of the video. It’s the time when we lay all our ideas on the table and come up with the best way to tell your story.

03 Script

Every brilliant video requires a brilliant script. Getting the point across to the audience is important, and our writers excel at this

05 Voice-over

We understand that each story needs the perfect voice. We hunt for the best and most diverse talent to select the perfect voice for your video.

07 Sound

Sound effects and ambient music is layered into the video to complement the animation. If we don’t find the best music for you, we create it!

02 Style

Will the video look better with a 70’s filter? Or, should it be colourful and contemporary? We rack our brains to arrive at the best style that suits your video.

04 Storyboard

Board- This is when we move from pens to drawing boards. Each scene is sketched and a basic timeline is established. Yes, its very very cool

06 Production

Our favourite part - animation! Our animators and designers weave together all the elements to create a video that screams success

08 Revisions

Although we know we have a winner, you can always count on us to tweak the video to suit your vision and satisfaction!