Techniques to Instantly Enhance Your Video Production Quality

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There are thousands if not millions of video production tips both on the internet and in magazines. One may wish to enhance their video quality either for entertainment or for marketing purposes. Regardless of the intended purpose of the video shoot, most people will judge your video based on its content, presentation, production quality, style and the information it contains.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you produce the best quality video shoot:

Get closer to the subject
Modern day cameras have the best zooming option and you might get tempted to use the zoom option. It is always better to get physically closer to the subject. Once you get closer to the object, the visual and sound quality will be better than when one uses the zoom option. Let us not forget than a video is composed of both visual and audio features.

Control the lens manually
This applies to cameras which have auto-focus and auto-exposure features. Turn these features off and control them manually. The reason is that they can never tell which part of the picture is focal point and what the correct exposure of the picture is. Focus needs to be set to suit the distance between your object and the camera.

Don’t use one shot for the entire video shooting
It is always better to film a video using multiple shots. This gives you a multitude of perspectives to choose from and piece together the perfect shot. However, you shouldn’t overdo it. There are instances where quick cuts would be awesome but there are times where a lengthy shot would be perfect.

Capture more than just your subject
Filming something else rather than your subject gives viewers the breathing spaceand breaks the monotony. However, you should ensure that what you are using as cut-aways is appropriate to the film.

Film at the same height as your subject

This will give your subject a more neutral look. If you are trying to get a dramatic effect, you might slightly elevate the angle of shooting.

Make sure that the mic is suitable for the job
As stated earlier, audio is a very important element in video shooting. Mics come in a variety of shapes and sizes hence you must select the proper mic and place it at the right spot. A well composed shot is nothing if it is not supported by great sound.

What to do before shooting
You might have grasped all the tips required while shooting the video but a building is always as good as its foundation. If you start shooting the video without any preparation, the end product will appear unprofessional and sloppy. Therefore, you should:

Be original – never copy someone’s idea or take an easy route.

Plan everything out – It is always best to write a script, draw a storyboard or create a scene-list.

Be selective when choosing the subjects – pick someone who can deliver the lines naturally. This will make the video look good.

Consider the set – don’t try to fool the audience by simulating another location. Viewers are aware and catch on easily. This can have a negative impact and make the audience not take you seriously.

Jun, 09, 2015