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Learn about the Secret Ingredient to Make a Video Memorable and Increase its Chances to go Viral!


Like a Master Chef has its secret ingredient to make that signature dish taste out of this world, we know what it takes to make a video memorable and increase the likelihood of it being shared and going viral.

Wouldn’t you love it, if millions of people shareand re-share and talk and laugh about your explainer video? Of course! And the good news is that we can help you make this happen.

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and go back to your early school days. Think of a happy moment involving your childhood friends from back then.

What did you think of? Most likely you thought of a moment involving smiles and laughter obviously. – The reason for this is quite simply because humans enjoy remembering things that made them smile or laugh. And that’s exactly why your explainer video or promotional video content will be more memorable if it makes people smile or laugh.

Now think of all those hilarious ads or funny explainer videos that you have seen shared by your friends on Facebook or via YouTube – they also create moments of laughter or smiles, even if you’re sitting alone in the bathroom, no?!

So by now you have probably figured out what the secret sauce is for making an online video unforgettable and increase its chances to go viral. Yes, you guessed it – it’s humour.

Of course one can argue that a viewer may remember your online video anyway, if what you offer is very relevant to what they need or are interested in; but even for such a viewer a smile or laugh will invariably make your video more memorable for them.

Similarly, if a viewer thinks that a friend is very interested in or needs what you offer, they may share your video with them – this statistically however will only occur in a limited number of instances. If a viewer on the other hand finds the video funny, he or she is way more likely to share it with friends just to share a laugh with them.

However, as with all powerful things, humour needs to be used in moderation. We all have a friend who jokes a lot but simply isn’t funny. Many online video production companies are the same and use too much humour (or, worse, their jokes are simply not funny!).

Lucky for you, we are Master Chefs when it comes to making online videos and know how much of the special ingredient makes the dish taste unforgettable and worth writing home about.

So let’s cook up a video for your business.

We create what people love to see!

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Feb, 01, 2016




Why Do Humans Love Stories and How Does This Work to Your Advantage?


Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years. In fact, telling stories has been a central form of homo sapiens’ communication throughout the ages – even cavemen told stories about their great hunting adventures, which we can still see evidence of in their cave paintings. Every civilisation has a thriving repertoire of captivating and riveting stories, tales, sagas, legends, myths, fables, epics and so forth.

One reason for why stories are special is that they have the power to engage the listener, reader or viewer in ways no other form of communication is able to. For example:

Once upon a time…

These four words alone can make an audience (including yourself maybe, even though only for a millisecond or so) switch to a different part of the brain for processing whatever sensory input comes next.

If we listen to a list of boring facts for example, scientist have discovered that a particular area of our brain is activated – this area is called Broca’s or Wernicke’s area. In essence what is happening is that our language processing center decodes words into meaning. Nothing else happens though!

When listening to stories however, virtually all parts of our brain are potentially engaged because we start to imagine things and associate them with our own experiences or stored memories and mental data.

A simple example can highlight this – imagine a world filled with butterflies; you’re sitting under a majestic, old oak tree on top of a green hill. You are savouring the fresh breeze of wind that is making the tree’s branches crack and squeak. The birds are singing to each other when all of a sudden in the corner of your eye you spot something flashing and blinking…

A few words like this activate our sensory cortex because we simply love stories and how they take us to places. For a brief moment you may have experienced the above scene in your mind and not just decoded the words into meaning.

Obviously there are infinite ways how you can use this to your advantage when it comes to engaging your audiences. And this is exactly why the most successful explainer videos tell an engaging story. It’ll entertain your viewers whilst appealing to them on many levels, and the associations and feelings it will evoke, will lead to your message getting across in the most beneficial way.

Just like every other human being we love stories too – what makes us special though is that we have the expertise and tools to help you tell your audience a story that will engage them and at the same time also convince them of your offering.

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Jan, 19, 2016