5 Top Reasons you should spend more money on your Explainer Video

There are hundreds, if not thousands of animation companies that create explainer videos every day and the price differences are staggering! Making the decision in spending tens of thousands of dollars as opposed to just $500 is no easy task. So here are 5 reasons which will help you understand why spending money on your explainer video isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

1. Time is Money


We have all heard this phrase before, and this holds true for animation as well! Any animation studio that delivers quality animation takes its time to understand your product, your company and then develop a story around it. That takes man-hours, and that costs money! Anyone could just hash together a shoddy script and animate it for a cheap price, but that will pinch you in the long run. Perfection takes time, lots of re-working and scratching ideas. The more you invest, the more you gain!

2. Long-Term Saving


You could buy a hundred cheap things every day or invest in a quality product that holds true for the same time period. The same is applicable for explainer videos! Low-cost videos lack in efficacy and imagination, which you will realise eventually and then you will need to invest in a better explainer video with a reputed firm. It’s better to skip the cheap video altogether and not waste money beating around the bush.

3. Your image counts


Have you ever visited a website and clicked away as soon as it loads, just because it looks unprofessional? Your explainer video is the face of your company. It is the first impression a potential client will form about your company when viewed on your landing page. A cheap video will never be able to garner your client’s interest no matter how amazing your product is, and can even create a negative impact on website visitors by leaving a poor impression. People like to believe what they see, and they should always see the best!

4. Customization


A good explainer video is created specifically for you. There are no templates, no previously drawn characters that are re-used. Studios often rehash scripts and animation sequences between different videos to cut down on production time, thus taking the magic away from the purpose of an animated explainer video! What you need is something that will set you apart from the competition, and that is something only a handcrafted explainer video can provide!

5. Long-Term Partnership


This is probably the most important reason why you should loosen the purse strings a little. Once you have a great animation studio on panel, they will learn more about your company as it grows and will understand your goals and demands without you having to do any spade work. It is never easy to explain your entire company profile to new studios all over again just because you didn’t like the previous studios you have worked with. Hire a great animation studio once, and let them handle your video campaigns while you concentrate on growing the business!

Sep, 02, 2016