How Top Indian companies are using animated videos to strengthen their brand

Whenever you hear the word ‘animation’, the first thing that probably pops up in your mind is an animated movie or a cartoon series. For decades, animation has been used by artists to breathe life into their caricatures, drawings, and ideas that are otherwise difficult to communicate using any other medium.

Today, many Indian companies are using animated videos to create advertising content that educates and entertains the audience simultaneously. An explainer video holds the power to keep the audience engaged right until the very end. This trend is catching on quickly, and lots of Mumbai based animation companies are primarily churning out explainer video content for brands every day!

Here are some recognizable brands that are using animated explainer videos –

1. HDFC Bank Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are all the rage today, and HDFC mutual funds don’t lag behind. It is one of the most subscribed funds in the country today. This video explains the difference between the three types of mutual funds through animation. Here animation has been used to creatively explain how mutual funds work, effectively educating the audience without boring them to death.

2. Tata Sky DTH Funds

The next time you switch on your Tata Sky, you might notice that the welcome screen often plays ads for add-on Tata Sky services. These are mostly animated videos that talk about different services like games, education, language learning, and many more. With animation, Tata Sky has managed to capture the attention of its youngest audience through funny cartoon characters.

3. Reliance Jio

Years before today when few people knew about Jio, Reliance stepped into the game and created an animated explainer video to present Jio at its Mumbai offices. This video was created to explain the concept to new audience and board-members which highlights yet another use for animated videos – corporate presentations! When you are part of a big conglomerate, it isn’t always easy to get your voice heard or to repeat your pitch 10 times a day. An animated video like the one Reliance got made is a perfect example of how an animated video ultimately helped greenlight a project that most of the country enjoys today.

4. Absolut India

You might wonder what Absolut is doing in this list? Just take a look at their Instagram feed and you’d understand. Animation isn’t always about characters and stories. Motion graphic videos are a hot new trend that can blend photos with animation to create interesting content. Check out these animated gifs that Absolut uses to keep their followers always wanting more. After all, there are only so many times you can post a picture of that beautiful bottle!

5. Vodafone India

Another telecom giant Vodafone uses animated videos on Instagram and Facebook to announce offers, new services or simply wish its patrons on festivals. These videos are a great way to keep the audience interest levels high, and not feel that every post is an advertisement. Social media is a great platform to interact directly with your customers and Vodafone India understands this all too well. They tie together their brand colours with short animated gifs that are catchy and will make you pause as you’re scrolling through your feed. Here are some examples.


The flood gates are about to open, and you could be first in line to use animated videos to boost your brand to the next level. So, if you’re based in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, or even in a small town no one’s heard of – find an animation company that can help your brand to grow to the next level through awesome explainer videos!

Jul, 18, 2019