6 Reasons why you should add a video on the landing page of your website

6 Reasons why you should add a video on the landing page of your website

It is no surprise that videos are the most engaging form of communication available today. Through videos you can explain your services better and keep the customer from reading long lengths of boring text. Apart from this, videos also add a spark of design to your website. Having a video on your landing page can lead to great results for your company. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider doing the same!

1. Branding
In today’s age of tech, thousands of websites are springing up by the minute and it is hard to stay afloat with all the competition around. You need to be unique and your brand needs to be strong for customers to trust you. A landing page video adds personality to your website, making it stand out and more attractive to first time visitors. They get to learn about your company instantly thus allowing you to effectively spread your brand name.

2. SEO Boost
Websites that have embedded videos on the homepage rank better on Google. Videos go a long way in boosting SEO and you have a better chance of being featured on the first page of Google search. The amount of time people spend on your website also impacts SEO, and since visitors tend to watch videos more than reading, it is evident that having a landing page video can help lift your page rank.

3. Engages potential Customers
A landing page video makes your website attractive and forms a great first impression. Videos act as a double edged sword, helping you engage customers while also entertaining them. This does wonders as customers are more likely to learn everything about your company in 60 seconds rather than trying to figure out everything by reading about it.

4. Increases brand integrity
If you are new company, it can be hard to come across as a trustworthy brand. Videos help achieve this by showcasing your company ideals through engaging content that a customer can interact with. You can create videos to answer questions that you know all potential visitors might have, and if you are able to answer them – then the visitor can easily convert into a customer!

5. Homepage videos double conversion
Studies have shown that over 88% customers prefer to watch videos over any form of communication. A great landing page video is like delivering the perfect elevator pitch. You can easily showcase your company and the qualities that make you unique. It is the best form of advertising as you are simply giving the customer the easiest way to engage with your website. More engagement means more customers!

6. Explain everything with ease
You might have an amazing product or service, and the logistics can be daunting if read in plain text. It is not a wise idea to leave your customers feeling overwhelmed or confused, and this is where videos step in! Videos can help to explain your core concepts with ease as they are the best educational tools that you have at your disposal.

Let’s take a look at Tiara Motion itself. We are an animated explainer video company based in Mumbai, and many people want to get videos for their websites, apps, or for promotions. The video we have on our landing page helps the customers understand what video production does for them and how they can explain their ideas better through simple words and engaging animation.

Videos are steadily becoming the most popular form of communication on the internet. Ask yourself this, would you’ve rather watched a video for this topic than read this blog post? You have your answer!

Jun, 20, 2019