How to Write an awesome Explainer Video Voiceover Script

How to Write an awesome Explainer Video Voiceover Script

Videos are taking over the Internet. What were once cute cats and laughing babies, videos today have become the number 1 marketing medium on the Internet.

Your explainer video can have amazing characters, awesome animation and a great product to show- but the voiceover is the heart of the video and a bad script can bottleneck your video’s performance.

So here are some tips that will let you write a great voiceover script that truly works and captures your audience!

1. Know your Audience

Who is your video aimed at? Are you trying to catch the attention of college students or corporate giants?

Identify the type of audience you will broadcast your video to and set the tone for your voiceover script.

For example, if your video is for school kids, it should have a friendly and funny tone that will keep them engaged till the end of the video. Finding the perfect voice is the first step to make your explainer video work!

2. Keep it short

The average attention span of any Internet user is almost as good as a goldfish.

If you start your video with a long-drawn introduction, chances are they will probably get bored and close the video. The voiceover script needs to be short and sweet.

Consider it as an elevator pitch. Try to explain your product in under a minute, which amounts to around 150 words.

3. Knit a story

The most important aspect of a great script is that it needs to be relatable. Is your product or business solving a problem?

It is always a great idea to knit a story around your product. Let’s say you have a great solution to bicycle theft. You can start your script by introducing Sam, a college student who is always worried about his bicycle.

Then introduce your product through Sam and show him using the different features. Such scripts tie up the audience as they can easily relate to a character on screen.

4. Does it sound right?

Always read your scripts aloud after writing them. Reading and listening are entirely different things! This blog post may be good to read, but won’t work as a voiceover script.

Try to find out any dead areas in your voiceover script, that could be difficult to animate or show in the explainer video and remove them.

A perfect script needs to blend seamlessly with the video it is supporting.

5. Keep it easy

Your video needs to be understood by people. Using big and fancy words can do more harm than good for your voiceover script.

You don’t need to dig deep in to your vocabulary to sound like experts in your field. In fact, the easier you make your voice over script, the more your audience will understand and appreciate your product.

Throw that thesaurus away and keep it absolutely simple!

6. Find the right voice!

The importance of matching the perfect voiceover talent to your voiceover script is intangible.

You can find great talent on freelance websites like UpWork and Fiverr.

Listen to their samples and imagine their voice with your script. Does your script need a soft voice, or an energetic cartoon tone? A great voice can make or break the video. Take your time to select the talent!


The script is the backbone of an explainer video. If you can explain your product to your audience in under a minute, half the battle is already won.

Keep it short, simple, and relatable – and you’ll see your script work wonders for your explainer video!

We hope these tips helped you in understanding how to improve the script for your explainer video!

Jun, 28, 2017



How to make an awesome landing page video


The Internet has evolved at a blinding pace. Websites have become more complex and interactive with the user getting bombarded with animated interfaces and floating web links. Writing a passionate description only goes so far in engaging the user. It is time to think of video! Here are 5 tips to ensure that you get an amazing landing page video in your first try!

1. Be direct


No one likes to beat around the bush. With the average attention span of a viewer being less than 10 seconds, you can’t expect to start a video with a long-drawn and pointless introduction. Make it exciting, make it pop! Give your viewer something he just can’t skip. It is easy to go overboard and over-embellish a script. Tell them what you do, and tell them quick!

2. Tell a story


What does your product or website do and how does it help? Are you a problem-solver, a time-saver, a vigilante? Tell your viewers a story through your video. Show them how your awesome product or website can change their lives. Don’t just read a list of features! Use the visual medium to explain how your product is good for them

3. Share your energy


The landing page video needs to be full of energy! Imagine clicking on a video and being treated to top-quality animation with lovely music and an exciting voice-over. The exact same script can be done in a million different ways. Take your time to choose your voice-over style. Does your product require a soft feminine voice, or are you looking for an exciting cartoon? Ponder over it. It goes a long way!

4. Keep it short


We know you love your website so it is easy to keep talking about it. The same mistake is made in videos by many companies. Try to keep your message short and sweet. Each word should make sense and enable the viewer to understand you better. Keep the poetry curtailed to the website! A good landing page video should never exceed 60 seconds in length and 45 seconds is ideal!

5. Be original


You must have seen hundreds of videos on websites and there are always a few that catch your eye. Different styles work for different products and brands. Try to find an animation studio that can understand you and your work. Custom content is the way to go! Do not settle for a style that is offered to you on a platter, since it is always possible to find similar videos everywhere. To set yourself apart, you’ve got to be unique in your video style. Going that extra mile works wonders!

Jun, 05, 2017