So you don’t want an Explainer Video? This doesn’t mean video should not be part of how you interact with your audience though!


Everyone and their mother is talking about explainer videos and getting one.

We certainly will not say that they are wrong in doing so because after all it is our business to produce explainer videos and there certainly are many valid reasons for getting one! However, we acknowledge the fact that there are some businesses and organisations for whom an explainer video might not be the right approach to using video content as part of their communication.

Even though they are much less talked and hyped about, there are many types of videos which will enhance and add to how you interact with and engage your audience. Let’s look at some of these in more detail:

Event Recap Videos are an extremely popular means of providing memories whilst discreetly marketing your product or business. Think of festival or concert after-movies for example, they help creating long-lasting relationships with your audience and contribute to turning them into fans, who will pre-buy tickets to the next event the moment you make them available online. In the same way you can use this on a smaller scale for your organisation’s events.

With increased numbers of people working remotely and globally distributed teams, we are seeing many companies benefiting greatly from the use of internal videos. These come in many shapes and sizes:

1. from the more common training videos used to allow people within your organisation to acquire skills cost-effectively, remotely and/or in their own time;

2. to the team leader of remote workers, who wants to create a more personal way of engaging his or her team via video updates and video briefings;

3. to induction videos for staff that help provide a 21st-century-worthy welcome to new team members and also help with presenting your company culture to them and their families and friends; ‘

4. and to newsletter videos, which thanks to their nature undoubtedly get watched way more than text-based, internal newsletters get read.

Another form of online videos gaining more and more traction in recent years are recruiting videos (and video resumes, on that note). Attracting the best human talent to your company is arguably one of the key elements for your business to be successful, so what better way to market to this stakeholder group using the most easily digestible and at the same time most engaging form of content – video.

Last but not least, our clients are having great success with teaser video campaigns. We live in a day and age where people are flooded with inputs, so a 10-30 seconds teaser video to spark someone’s interest can be more effective in some cases than a more detailed and lengthy presentation. As they say, less is more sometimes.

And this is just a short list of some of the types of videos we have been seeing recently. We’d love to explore with you what other forms of video content could enhance your communications.
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Jun, 08, 2016