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They explain better

Conversations through animations with the help of graphics always register on the viewers mind as they are distinct and unique.

They are fun

Animated explainer videos and visual aids are always much more engaging than just lines and lines of boring plain text! They get the visitor excited and involved.

They show promise

A website with good videos attract more people, hence improving rankings on the Internet and increasing its reach.

The Process

bulb pointer
Planting Idea Planting Idea
Analyzing Company Profile Analyzing Company Profile
Finalizing Concept Finalizing Concept
Infusing Colour Theme Infusing Colour Theme
Writing the perfect Script Writing the perfect Script
If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. -Albert Einstein
Drawing up custom Storyboard Drawing up custom Storyboard
Recording the voice Recording the voice
Casting animation spells Casting animation spells
Adding SFX and Stardust Adding SFX and Stardust
Your video is ready for picking! Your video is ready for picking!

Our clients and their experiences!


"TIARA Motion did an incredible job to present our product in a very easy and understandable way. We highly recommend working with them. "

“I think TIARA Motion is by far the best animation company i have ever worked with. They takes idea and, asks a lot of questions and provides an amazing product. They understands the purpose of your video as though it is their own company.”

“It was amazing working with TIARA Motion. The animation they created was stunning and far beyond anything I could have imagined.”

“TIARA Motion’s excellent abilities provided an outstanding product. I would highly recommend them to individuals and businesses looking for a professional and powerful video. Great communication, patience, and talent.”

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Why us ?

We at Tiara Motion understand that every company is different. Each has its own requirements and their unique ideas that set them apart. This is where we come in. We help our clients to recognize their strengths and combine their ideologies into an animated video that is fresh, fun and exciting. We have a dedicated team of animators, writers, designers and artists that work in cohesion to generate graphics and characters that are unique to each video. We don’t believe in rehashing!

The video is for the client. It is important that we keep you involved at every stage with regular updates so that you can see your video develop as it comes together. We ensure that the vision you had is matched and exceeded by us in the final product.

Think animation. Think Tiara!